Welcome To Marc - The Creditor's Assistant

Marc is a Web based software service(SaaS) Cloud that enables you to manage your accounts anywhere with an internet connection. no Capital Expense, no IT Support, a low monthly subscription and you can start pro-actively manage your in-house accounts and your outside collection agencies (OCA's).

Marc is designed to work as a standalone application or in conjunction with your current CIS system! No additional hardware or software is necessary. Bridge the gap between your internal system and your Agency’s Collections System!

Marc cost effective approach places the application within reach of any company. No application is too small or too big. Our modular design and table driven approach means you don’t have to call us to make changes to the system if you want to try a different collection approach. This approach saves you time and money.

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Is your current "Cloud Service" more stormy then you expected? We can have most applications up and running in less than 30 days. Finally with our low monthly access fee there is no capital expenditure on your part. Your agencies might already be a Marc Agency so there is no additional programming on their part!